Steffen Ongah (BLK Bunny)

I guess it has always been necessary for the community in the NFT space to always ask about having a doxxed team. It gives more assurance and a face to the creators/founders of the project. So I am sharing a little bit about myself. My name is Steffen Ongah. I have been working in the IT industry since 2003. I basically started off in an SI thus experienced in server hardware, Windows/Linux environment, network switches, routers, etc and then moving on to bigger MNCs like EDS and HP. I was a server infrastructure team lead managing 11 countries across APAC. I am a technical expert in various fields which is too long to list here so you can have a look at my linkedin profile So I left the Industry in 2009 and moved on to start my own Advertising Agency named Diseno Advertising Pte Ltd from 2010.

Started the crypto journey around the start of 2021 when bitcoin started to gain more traction. Got into SOLANA about 2 months after that. SOLANA is really the future, and thus why we are here and building our project on SOLANA. SOL Killer Bunnies is a passion project created by 3 close friends and 1 amazing artist. I have been an avid gamer on all platforms throughout my life. I play a lot of GODSUNCHAINED P2E trading card game. You can find me with the same handle on most of the games I play.

This is only the beginning for SOL Killer Bunnies. More exciting things to come.