In a mysterious island somewhere off the coast of Hiroshima, decades after the nuclear incident on the island, abandoned cute little bunnies has been secretly experimented in an underground lab. When the government decided to close down Bunny Island due to nuclear leakage fearing radiation towards the public, Professor B. decided to take things into his own hands.

Once a respected professor who created Bunny Island out of joy and love for bunnies, Professor B. filled the island with colourful and cute bunnies that are genetically modified. Visitors flocked from all over the world to Bunny Island to see his beloved bunnies. Bunny Island flourished and rose to popularity as being the most visited attraction in the whole world. Until the dreaded day came.

Conflicts among world leaders created war in the nearby region close to Bunny Island. And unfortunately a huge atomic bomb landed on Bunny Island. Professor B. miraculously survived and the incident changes him.

ZERO was the first successful Bunny experiment that has risen from the dead. Infused with DNA from Professor B. himself, filled with scientific brilliance and insane hatred for the humans that has caused this catastrophe towards his fellow bunnies.

Sadly a year later, Professor B. has passed due to continuous exposure to radiation. And his only legacy is ZERO.

For decades, ZERO tried his best to bring back as many bunnies as he can to increase the population on bunny island. Continuing the research left behind by Professor B, ZERO utilise the power of the mysterious Dark Crystal to bring back and create new SOL Killer Bunnies with different powers. But these killer bunnies are untrained and confused. How do we make them realise their full power and make them into strong, ruthless, professional killers? An army of SOL Killer Bunnies that is feared from continent to continent. To avenge the death of Professor B who tried to protect and love them the best he could. 

Does the recent news about missing villains around the world has anything to do with Bunny Island? Did ZERO kidnapped them to train the SOL Killer Bunnies? Where are these elite killers that has been kidnapped into Bunny Island?