The Missing Killers

Somewhere off the coast of Hiroshima, Bunny Island lies hidden from untrained eyes, providing sanctuary to magical and mysterious creatures. Led by the enigmatic ZERO, the island was dedicated to resurrecting the once decimated bunny population. Inspired by the late Professor B, ZERO harnessed the power of the Dark Crystal, a mysterious stone with alien powers that fell from the sky and landed deep in the core of Bunny Island, a place accessible only to a select few.

Each resurrected SOL Killer Bunny possessed unique and formidable powers, yet they wandered the island untamed and bewildered. Their unspoken purpose was to avenge the death of Professor B, who had cherished and protected them. Transforming the SOL Killer Bunnies into a fearsome army required unparalleled training. ZERO devised a daring plan, kidnapping elite assassins from around the world to mentor the bunnies.

A top-secret facility emerged within Bunny Island's verdant foliage, where the kidnapped villains trained the SOL Killer Bunnies in combat and honed their expertise. As the bunnies' prowess grew, so did the bond between them and their villainous trainers, forming an unbreakable alliance. This elite force of SOL Killer Bunnies struck fear into the hearts of adversaries worldwide.

Under ZERO's watchful eye and the guidance of the kidnapped villains, the SOL Killer Bunnies rose to prominence, their reputation echoing across continents. With each passing day, they grew closer to avenging Professor B. Thus, the legend of the SOL Killer Bunnies was born – a tale of triumph, power, and loyalty that would be remembered throughout history. As they stood on the shores of Bunny Island, the whispers of the ocean heralded the dawn of an era where the SOL Killer Bunnies' presence would forever cast a shadow on the world.